Saturday, 17 March 2018

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Elegant Demons

Evening all. 

  My break from this blog turned out to be a little longer than I'd originally intended but I hope to make up for it this week.   My plan is to clear out my Cover girls folder  with a series of smaller-than-usual posts.
  Basically, themes where I have just enough covers to make a separate category but not quite enough to justify a big post.

Y'know what. Let me show you what I mean. 

 Female demons are common enough on Metal album covers that I have a ton of them waiting to share but in the process I noticed a few that didn't quite fit in with the others. Instead of being bright red and barely dressed, with batwings sprouting out of their backs and chewing on some body's face, these sexy succubi could more or less pass for human unless you were paying attention. And clearly they had an eye for fashion. 

  Hell not only has the best tunes but apparently has the best shoes too. 

 The Murder Of My Sweet - Beth Out Of Hell (Sweden 2015)

Sexy demon cover, heavy metal cover girls
     The lesson here is that just because she's cute and wearing a nice dress doesn't mean she won't immolate your entire city if she gets bored.

 According to the write-ups this is a concept album.
 I wonder what it's about...

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Metal Project: Return Of The Metal Militia

The Metal Project: An Ongoing Quest To Create The Most Metal Song-list Ever. 

The most metal songs ever

Evening all. 

Welcome to another collection of songs that share the most unique trait of Heavy Metal. Writing songs about how awesome Metal is.  As far as I know, no other genre in the world does this. (Although if there is a song out there called "Ska-Punk Until I Die" I would rather like to hear it. )

Without further ado let's stick out sticky mitts into the oatmeal barrel of Youtube and see what we come out with.  Enjoy. 

Lady Beast- Metal Rules (USA 2013)

 Honour to: kyuss2922

Anlace- Death Metal Slave (Mexico 2008)

Honour to: Samael Infernus

Slasher - Return Of The Metal Militia (Poland Demo 2008)

Honour to: oSLASHERo

Rötten - Maniac Metal Megatons (Mexico 2012)

Honour to: AES

Battlerage - Metal Slaughter (Chile 2008)

Honour to: Lord Vexus

Please remember to visit and support the channels I've linked here. 

That's All Folks. 
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