Album Covers

I post a lot of album art on this blog. Sometimes I mock, sometimes I praise, sometimes I just scratch my head and go "What the Fuuu..?" Here's a handy link to all those posts.

Terrible Metal Album Covers

(As the name suggests, Album covers that are astonishing in their ugliness, crassness and long-term damage to a band's career.) 

Metal Album Covers - How Not To Do Them

More Metal Album Covers - File Under "Oh Dear"

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII

Chapter XIX

Chapter XX

Chapter XXIII

Chapter XXIV

**New Post** Chapter XXV

Heavy Metal Cover Girls

Heavy Metal bands have always loved putting women on their album covers. Sometimes they are sexy, sometimes spooky and frequently utterly badass. These are all the posts where I pay tribute.

Metal LP Covers and Women With Swords
Metal Album Covers And Women With Swords - Continued

Album Covers And Warrior Women

Rock Album Covers And Warrior Women - Chapter 2

Rock Album Covers And Warrior Women - Part Whatever.

Mirror, Mirror...

Girls With Guitars

Girls With Broadswords

Girls With Guns

Girls With Guns Pt 2


Motorcycle Mamas

Cigarettes And Alcohol

Blindfolded Beauties

Sitting Pretty

Maidens Of The Spear

More Water Babes

Broken Hearts

Women In White

More Women In White

A Pair Of Beauties (Pt 1)

A Pair Of Beauties (Pt 2)

HMCG .. And Wolves

Anime Style

Warrior Women - Blood And Steel

More Blood And Steel

A Glimpse Of Stocking

HMCG...And Ravens

Sadness and Sorrow

No Visible Means Of Support

HMCG...Get Tattooed.

Fierce Faeries

Witchy Women

Sexy Silhouettes

HMCG...With Daggers

Cover Girls In Uniform

Cover Girls Go For A Ride

Ghosts in White

HMCG ... Decorating Bombers


Queens Of The Nile

Ladies In Red

Nights In White Satin

Standing On The Shore

Into The Woods

Guitar Goddesses

On Heavenly Wings

Baby's Got Back

Blindfolded Beauties II

Cover Girls In Space!

In The Silvery Moon's Light

Big And Beautiful

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